Surprising Benefits of Reflexology

by skytales | July 29, 2019

Calling reflexology a foot massage would be an understatement and way too simple. Nonetheless, it is most likely the befitting name for such beneficial method of massage therapy for the feet and other extremities. Believe it or not, the health benefits of reflexology are surprisingly impressive!

Standing, walking, running, and jumping are some of the common activities that people do throughout the day. There are several daily activities that put strain and pressure on the feet. Feet are the most impacted body parts since it’s actually getting the burden of the entire weight. The stress that feet undergo causes other effects to the overall health in terms of reflexes. Exhibiting much like back pain, the stress felt on the back, back massage is necessary. Foot massages are also necessary to ease the strain on the feet and bring very good health effects.

The relaxation brought by trying out reflexology is indeed a method for inducing improvement to certain health issues. Some of the health benefits of reflexology include the stimulation of the proper and better function of the nerves. It can also improve circulation of the blood, stimulate the nervous system, immerse in a relaxed state of consciousness, prevent a migraine, treat sleep disorders, relieve depression, boosts energy, detox the body, speed up recovery process from an injury or surgery, cleanse urinary tract, and soothe away body pain. Reflexology also represses the pain and other physical conditions brought by cancer treatment, as well as physical pain from pregnancy.


What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an alternative treatment of several physical health problems that many people believe in and turn to nowadays. It is a common alternative method for curing certain health problems. Reflexology was since practiced a long time ago even by Chinese and Egyptians in the ancient period.

As the name suggests, reflexology pertains to applying pressure to the hands, ears, and most importantly the feet. These extremities are believed to have an existent connection to the reflex of other body parts. The said connections are the zones where reflexologists put pressure on, in the form of massage. This is to adjust or correct the associated organs and internal parts of the body.

The concept behind such treatment has anything to do with realigning the qi. Reflexologists believe that this is the key to fix or heal health issues based on the zones that represent other organs. Many are still hesitant about the efficiency that reflexology guarantees. However, even studies and research medically support its claim that indeed this treatment offers valuable findings and scientifically proven health benefits.

The professional medical industry is still skeptical about the notion of reflexology. However, it is undeniable and apparent enough that there are several claims of positive results from undergoing reflexology.  Trying out a reflexology treatment will not hurt. In fact, it can cure health problems through such a relaxing process.

Benefits of Reflexology

Below are the detailed information and explanation about the benefits of reflexology and health problems it can prevent, cure, or reduce.

1. Nerve Function

The body’s nerve endings get less sensitive due to aging, thus reducing its efficiency in functioning. The extremities are the primary parts whereby the direct impact of aging cause apparent deterioration. Contrary to the said condition, one of the benefits of reflexology is the stimulation of nerve endings. Over 7,000 nerve endings are stimulated in one reflex massage session alone. Thus, there is an improvement in function, sensitivity, and reaction. Just like how objects tend to deteriorate or decay with time and cause less functionality, so with the nerves in the extremities. They refer to neural pathways, and opening and infiltrating them boosts the functionality of body organs.

2. Energy Levels

Other health benefits of reflexology include increasing the body’s energy levels. A fast metabolism is one way of boosting energy levels by burning food intake and converting it into energy. With that said, increasing productivity through reflexology technique can help avoid that weak and sluggish feeling.

3. Circulation

Another one of the surprising health benefits of reflexology is its stimulation of a better blood circulation in the body. Thus, organs receive more oxygen-carrying blood because of a healthy blood flow. The more the oxygen delivered to the organs, the healthier the organ systems are, thus exhibiting good performance. Also, a healthy blood flow speeds up metabolism thereby boosting the energy levels. Reflexology also contributes to hastening wound healing and the revitalization of weak or damaged cells.

4. Relaxation

A state of relaxation throughout the body is also one of the benefits of reflexology, which is capable of opening up neural pathways. When experiencing too much pressure from work or stressful stage in your life, reflexology helps in alleviating the emotional state by opening neural pathways to induce free-flowing neural activity, thus leading to the spread of positive aura or calming sensations within. Thus, it also helps to cure sleeping disorders, especially insomnia, which has a major effect on health.

Insomnia causes abnormal Circadian rhythms. The Circadian rhythms are the biological clock that decides the usual sleeping time and waking hours daily. A healthy Circadian rhythm dictates a person to sleep at night, not at dawn or morning. It directs a person to be awake in the morning, not otherwise. Basically, reflexology also has the power to bring the biological clock to its normal state which may have deviate due to insomnia. Insomniac patients are often irritable, anxious, and paranoid or overly sensitive. Thus, they have unproductive waking hours which should not continue. Relaxation causes an insomnia problem to subside.

5. Detoxification

The need to eliminate toxic substances residing inside the body is important to stop them from building up inside and jeopardizing the health. A healthy urinary tract and bladder that are functioning properly ensure the elimination of toxins in the system. Detoxifying the system through perspiration to excrete urine, salts, and body fats are necessary and, fortunately, is one of the health benefits of reflexology massage. Reflexology helps bladder function properly and lessen problems that could arise from urinary tract dysfunction. Thus, diseases and health conditions are unlikely to develop.

6. Nervous System

Reflexology has the ability to open up neural pathways, thus stimulating the entire nervous system. Consequently, the nervous system and many of its functions will also further improve. Reflexology promotes enhanced cognitive activities. Meaning, brains signals from the senses will be much faster, memory can hold more information for a long time, and the brain will generally exhibit better and healthier functionality.


7. Migraines and Headaches

Reflexology can be a pain reliever and can relieve headaches and migraine. Psychologically and physically induced migraine or a headache is quite prevalent among many people. Some diseases inflict symptoms of a headache, and some emotional pressures like stress also result in a headache. As headaches vary in intensity, a period of manifestation, and persistence, there has to be a great solution for a comfortable working physical state, and reflexology may just be the answer to the problem. Taken as an analgesic medication, reflexology would definitely not fail in this aspect.

8. Wound Healing

A reflexology massage promotes an improved metabolism and cell regeneration. Thus, it can make the healing of wounds and injuries much faster and better since it promotes an enhanced nerve functionality and boosts blood circulation throughout the body as well. Relieved pain from suffering patients will, even more, inspire them towards recovery which is a very good psychological outlook to ponder when undergoing the healing process.


9. Cancer Treatment

There have been valuable findings regarding the connection of reflexology when it comes to curing cancer. The other health benefits of reflexology such as neural pathway clearance and blood circulation improvement, in particular, stimulate more antioxidants to eradicate carcinoma and slow the spread of cancer disease to other parts of the body. Furthermore, reflexology also benefits cancer patients experiencing the side effects of chemotherapy such as vomiting and indigestion cases, difficulty in sleeping, and anxiety. The said cancer treatment side effects that highly inflict irritability to the patients won’t be much of a problem anymore as reflexology can alleviate their feeling at least.

10. Pregnancy & Menstruation

Women will definitely rejoice in these health benefits of reflexology, which help in pregnancy cases by reducing labor period, pain from labor, and post-partum recovery. Expectant mothers who are usually taking longer time laboring and those who have lesser pain tolerance from undergoing labor would be very glad to have reflexology ease the said situations. Reflexology can also prevent post-partum depression. While in recovery, a woman’s body will speed up healing process from childbirth. Thus, metabolism and stimulation of menstruation after will be back to normal in no time.


Skepticism and negative accusations regarding reflexology overshadowed its real beneficial effects. There have been records and reports about the positive impact of reflexology. Not to mention, it has already served as undeniable evidence supporting its claim. Reflexology does not take the place of the formal professional medical treatment. However, it’s only a supplemental one for an intensified medication technique through alternative and natural way in boosting recovery from such diseases and ill conditions. With that said, what will you lose in trying out reflexology and see the wonders this ‘foot massage’ can do?