Remarkable Benefits Of Castor Seed Oil

by skytales | July 29, 2019

There are so many benefits that Castor seed oil is famous for. It would be a delight for women to know that it is a perfect reliever for menstrual disorders particularly dysmenorrhea wherein most women suffer from. Moreover, Castor seed oil is very reliable and much beneficial for hair, skin, and oral care. It also comes handy as birth control and in normal lactation. It also helps deal with rheumatism and constipation.


What Is Castor Seed Oil?

The background behind Castor oil had been the subject of terror for children that tend to scare them of its effects. The truth behind its terrifying hearsays was its laxative properties and purgative uses for the treatment of health problems back in the day. Its main use was to treat several ailments for both the children and elderly.  It can relieve a person from colds, mild cough, fever, indigestion, constipation, and skin diseases. It also cures accidental poison consumption and parasitic illnesses like tapeworms and roundworms. People suffering from digestive problems with all other major health issues benefit from castor seed oil’s laxative ability, which is well-known to solve much of their known illnesses. Though technically, Castor oil can do so much more than those if studied closely.

Castor seed oil is germicidal, antiseptic, laxative, and toxic. It isn’t usually seen in edible supplements but rather more on industrial manufacturing plants. It’s no wonder why there is a history of the use of castor seed oil as a poisonous and harmful ingredient. The effects of taking it in large doses include vomiting, nausea, weakness, and abnormal bowel movement. With all that said, there are actually other remarkable effects of castor seed oil that can remedy health issues.

Scientifically named Ricinus Communis, Castor plant’s seed extracts are tasteless and odorless. However, it is reputable for the health benefits it offers, especially now that the need for more readily available natural remedy is crucial to counter health deterioration.


Health Benefits of Castor Seed Oil

Check out the remarkable effects of Castor oil in detail and learn about its application to promote healthy living and enjoy disease-free life.

1. Boosts Hair Health

A very simple yet proven to be very effective for prevention of hair loss, using castor seed oil is an easier way of nourishing the hair. It prevents hair loss thanks to the Ricin and Ricinoleic acid that protects the scalp from devastating effects of microbial infections and fungal toxicities. The Ricin and Ricinoleic acid are the very properties responsible for hair protection with its germicidal and fungicidal tendencies. So men and women alike can enjoy adult life without worrying about hair loss problems. As what the saying goes, “hair is one’s crown,” it shows all the more reason not to lose with hair loss, right?

2. Cures Rheumatism

Castor oil can be directly applied to the skin. It will penetrate easily and relieve rheumatism, as well as gout and arthritis. Some components of Castor Oil include Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, Ricinoleic Acid and other fatty acids. These components are very effective in the treating inflammatory complications. Not to mention, they exhibit far more enhanced efficiency when combined with other medicine that aids the oil’s penetration through the skin. Relieving inflammatory diseases reduces the extensive pain felt. Applying castor oil relieves the pain, swelling, and redness altogether that subject the patient in agony if further left uncared for.

3. Promotes Lactation

As much as Castor oil is a reliever of menstrual disorders, all the same, it also helps with a mother’s lactation. The emmenagogue element from Castor oil is also much like galactagogues which stimulate, regulates, and enhance milk secretion and flow. Galactagogues can even affect and increase the milk’s amount thanks to its fatty acids as one of its many components. There is no need to worry about the quality and effects of the stimulated milk through this oil. As long as only cold-compressed in low amounts are taken for safety, it is unlikely that the infant’s milk supplied can bring harmful effects.

4. Supports Birth Control

Ricin is a kind of protein found in Castor oil. It becomes a germicidal chemical if taken in low dosage. It is also a common spermicide in gels, lotions, and the like. Higher dosage of this, when administered to pregnant women, induces great risks of abortion, thus, proves fatal. Pregnant women are indeed sensitive and in a delicate state. To answer straightforwardly whether Castor oil has something to do with birth control is a very obvious sign. Yes, its use also involves birth control. However, it is highly advisable that expectant mothers should avoid it, as it can be detrimental to them and may develop health complications. This is just another unbelievable effect of Castor oil.

5. Cures Constipation

Castor oil acts as a laxative or a purgative. Meaning, it comes handy in treating constipation and bowel-related issues. Even extreme cases of constipation that deemed incurable by laxatives, Castor oil works remarkably and does its job. Most of other digestion complications are also curable with it.

6. Boosts Skin Health

Infections caused by fungal or bacterial presence are some of the reasons behind skin diseases. Castor seed oil, on the other hand, is a very good antiseptic and germicidal. It makes a great remedy for skin problems and skin ulcers. Fortunately, undecylenic acid is one of its components. Thus, it could solve those dreaded skin problems women are so conscious of. Skin care means an essential beauty regimen for girls.

7. Treats Menstrual Complications

In the case of women suffering from lower abdominal pain and dysmenorrhea, using castor oil can relieve the pain. The ricinoleic acid present in castor seed oil is an emmenagogue. Thus, it opens up obstructed, delayed and painful menstruation. It serves as the solution to women’s common and typical worries of menstrual disorders. Women out there should give it a try and witness firsthand how women-friendly Castor oil can be. Truly a blessing for the needs of women out there!


Other Benefits

Castor oil is a natural anti-inflammatory due to an effective purgative component called ricinoleic acid found in it. The antiviral and germicidal effects of the compounds ricin and ricinoleic acid found in castor oil make it an excellent treatment for people with HIV. Not to mention, it can also prevent the infection of wounds and burns.



What is Castor?

Castor seeds produce the wonder oil. They undergo extraction processes where the end product is the wonder oil admired for its health benefits. Triglycerides are the valuable content in Castor seed oil that is responsible for the beneficial capacity of this natural remedy. Though remarkably effective in curing different health issues, a deadly toxin of a small percentage is present in it called Ricin, which is the reason why an excessive consumption of the oil can be detrimental. Despite this frightening tendency, Castor oil’s beneficial traits overshadow the downside of the remedy.

Where to Buy Castor Oil?

It isn’t hard to look for establishments selling Castor oil as it is a highly recommended and promoted product for remedial health issues. It is often available in health food stores or pharmaceutical establishments, cosmetic stores, and many other health product distributors. There are also a grocery and home stores selling it in the west such as ones like Target and corner stores like Walgreens. Castor oil is also a famous kind of natural alternative remedy that is more accessible than you think it is. Good to know that Castor oil has already built loyal and consistent users of the product as it is quite reputable among popular health distributors in several locales.

How to Use Castor Oil?

There are various ways to use it which depends on the purpose. It varies from case to case basis as what the health concern is at hand. In the case of nausea, constipation, and other digestive system abnormalities, it would be best to consume it as a laxative intake in small amounts to ease the bowel issues. For hair and skin care, it is usually applied also in fair amounts. It could even provide luster and shine for hair care aside from its hair loss prevention. It also relieves pain, redness, and swelling to inflammatory conditions so a required small amount of the oil should be applied gently. Castor oil speeds up healing and protects the wound against possible bacterial contact and microbial infections.

How Much Castor Oil to Use to Induce Labor?

It is important to always seek advice and permission from a doctor before proceeding on using the alternative remedy. If given the permission with a go-signal, why not? Take 4 tablespoons and wait for it to induce labor. Pregnant women who suffer from constipation and other digestive problems may even use Castor oil for treatment. After all, it is what it’s famous for, an alternative but a guaranteed alternative natural treatment. Just always remember to consult the doctor ahead because pregnant women are sensitive just to avoid regrets thereafter when adverse effects take place.

What Benefits does the Jamaican Black Castor Oil offers?

When hair loss is observed, take action and get yourself a Jamaican Black Castor oil. It is specially made for hair thinning and hair loss in general. It affects greatly on hair growth and has great impacts on returning the hair’s health back to normal. No need to worry, this variety of Castor oil will solve hair loss problems apart from other people’s belief in hair loss not having a solution for growing hair back. Jamaican Black does wonders as any other Castor oils do.

What Does Castor Oil Do?

As stated earlier, there are vast remarkable effects Castor seed oil can do and perform. It is both applicable internally and externally. For internal intake, it usually treats constipation and other digestive problems but not only limited to nausea and vomiting. External use involves the stimulation of hair growth, relieving inflammation, coating and healing wounds, curing skin diseases and improving skin health. Also, treating menstrual disorders and improving lactation are its other impressive powers. Most of it is beneficial to everyone and would especially do excellent fixes and favors likely for women.

Where Does Castor Oil Come From?

Luckily, Castor plants are almost anywhere in the world. The oil extracts from Castor plant’s seed is easily accessible because of its availability and affordability. The vegetable oil coming from its seed isn’t that hard to acquire. Getting the extracts can be done manually by pressing its seeds but it is not advisable to do so. Buy some Castor oil and experience an enjoyable provision of the wonder oil with so many remarkable effects.

How to Make Castor Oil?

Making homemade castor oil is highly not advisable. Not only because it involves complicated and long process but also because it isn’t that safe as it involves having to do with certain poisonous or harmful chemical content that Castor plant has. Its Ricin content can be dangerous after all and needs careful handling. Considering the fact that it doesn’t cost much, just save the effort and time and just buy straight from the store where the product is readily available.

Is Castor Oil Safe?

For pregnant women wanting to induce labor, it can be safe, but it is preferable to seek advice from a physician. Consumption of it for other treatment or therapy should also be at a minimal amount to avoid early labor. An excessive amount of this oil, which contains a concentration of strong chemicals, can be dangerous enough that may cause effects like breaking out of the skin.

Is Castor Oil Good for the Skin?

Applying Castor oil on the skin can be the safest way of using it compared to actually consuming it. It is a very good skin disease treatment. Acne and eczema are some of the skin problems it efficiently eradicates. Its other components that act as antibacterial and antiseptic is the reason why it is good for protecting the skin from infections. Castor oil also treats shallow wounds and heals it quickly.

How to Use Castor Oil for Your Skin?

For easier application, it is best to apply Castor oil along with carrier oils particularly olive oil, almond oil, and coconut oil. Maybe dip it into cotton balls before gently applying it to on the skin. When applied for acne and irritation, it is best to clean and wash the skin with warm water to open up pores before the actual application of the oil. Only apply a light layer of a small amount of Castor oil on that skin part, and that will be enough!

Is Castor Oil Safe for the Eyes?

Whether castor oil is eye-friendly or not, it depends on the Castor oil used. Castor oils that come in oil packs are not safe for the eyes. When buying this oil, ask for the eye-friendly one as it is diluted enough to be applicable to eyes. These types of Castor oils are able to cure eye infections, cataracts, dry eye symptoms, and even the dark eye bags. It is safe to ask about it when thinking of buying it for the sole purpose of eye treatment.