Incredible Health Benefits of Lemon Verbena

by skytales | July 29, 2019

Lemon Verbena uses offer various impressive health benefits. These include protecting your muscles, reducing inflammation, helping to weight loss goals, calming the stomach, reducing fevers, boosting the immune system, clearing up congestion and soothing nerves.

What is Lemon Verbena?

Native to South America, lemon verbena has already become a globally available herb and plant because of its ability to cure diseases owing to its medicinal effects. Lemon Verbena uses also include as a food additive in different countries. The scientific name of Lemon Verbena is Sloysia citrodora. Its other common name is lemon beebrush. This perennial shrub has a potent scent like lemon that becomes more powerful when touched or bruised. It has small white and purple flowers and can grow up to 2-3 meters in height.

In the beginning, one of the known Lemon Verbena uses is–as an additive or flavoring. It was a popular additive in salads, dressings, poultry and fish dishes, jams, and some beverages. But going back to the traditional use of Lemon Verbena, it is well-known for medicinal purposes. According to modern research, this plant has an unusual component that plays a very vital role in our health.

The extraction of this plant produces oil that consists of nerol, geraniol, verbascoside, and citral. These constituents are all very powerful antioxidants. Aside from it being a herbal pill supplement, another one of the most common Lemon Verbena uses is–as a herbal tea. Drying its leaves and then steeping them can powerfully boost the organs in the body. Not to mention, it can also help in the metabolism process.

Lemon Verbena Uses & Health Benefits

So, what are lemon verbena uses and health benefits do this unassuming plant provide that makes it worth adding to a diet?

1. Reduces Inflammation

Arthritis and other injuries can affect mobility and joints as well. As people get injured, or age, their joints rarely take the time to recover properly, while used persistently, thus making health such a struggle. Fortunately, the little lemon verbena herb is high in antioxidants. Thus, it contributes to reducing the aching and pain in the joints. It also hastens the rate of recovery for injuries related to joints.

2. Relieves Fevers

Lemon verbena is also a folk remedy for relieving fevers in South America. As a trusted diaphoretic, it stimulates perspiration to reduce fevers. Its diaphoretic property helps people who suffer from inflammatory diseases by hastening their recovery.

3. Relieves Anxiety

Lemon verbena contains antioxidant compounds that have beneficial effects on the body’s hormonal balance. It calms and relaxes the mind and the body even though the effect is inconspicuous. It is a well-known soothing beverage and is an excellent recommendation for people suffering from chronic stress or nervous afflictions.

4. Relieves Congestion

The expectorant properties that lemon verbena possesses help in freeing the respiratory tract of mucus and phlegm. Thus, it benefits the respiratory system by ridding it of congestion.

Pathogens like Bacteria can make use of the phlegm to propagate. In that case, a beverage that is capable of helping in the elimination of unwanted elements is absolutely a clever way of boosting the immune system. Fortunately, one such beverage is the tea prepared from lemon verbena.

5. Eases Digestion

The tea made from lemon verbena also contains some soothing properties that made it a traditional remedy for indigestion and stomach troubles in various cultures.

Its tea also possesses anti-spasmodic properties. Meaning, it also helps in eliminating bloating and cramping and calms the stomach. Thus, it can also prevent uneasiness and chronic digestive disorders.

Aside from its tea’s ability to aid in weight loss, it can help in managing the appetite as well, by stimulating it. As a result, there is a healthy absorption of nutrients, optimizing the metabolic activities.

6. Promotes Weight Loss

Obviously, tea is always one of the suggestions to try when deciding to lose some weights. In this case, lemon verbena is specifically effective. Lemon Verbena has only two calories per serving. Also, there is an organic compound coming from it that reduces the desire to munch or eat. Thus, when used as a tea, surprisingly, this plant discourages overeating or snacking between meals and sacrificing your diet. It can also help in increasing the fat burning process by helping in different bodily processes.

7. Boosts Immune System Health

The presence and activity of free radicals can cause oxidative stress throughout the organs systems of the body. It renders the immune system weak by diverting its focus to chronic diseases and cellular mutation.

According to studies, supplementing lemon verbena effectively increases the immune system’s main line of defense which is the white blood cells. Thus, it contributes to lowering the levels of oxidative stress. It also boosts the body’s overall health.

8. Boosts Muscles

Lemon verbena tea possesses a unique health benefit that is very rare to find in other simple teas. It has the ability to protect the muscles. According to research, using lemon verbena in the form of an exercise supplement decreases the chance that a workout would damage the muscles without disrupting the increase in stamina and development of additional muscle mass. Thus, lemon verbena is a good pre-workout partner!

9. Prevents Tumor Activities

Tumors need supplies of new blood for delivering nutrients. Thus, they require angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels, to enlarge.

In Joran, a university investigated 31 local therapeutic plants in the laboratory to determine which are antiangiogenic or those capable of inhibiting angiogenesis. They evaluated the antiangiogenics’ ability to fight cultured cancerous cells in the breast with the use of MCF-7 line as well.

Some of these extracts from the tested plants exhibited anti-angiogenesis. Fortunately, lemon verbena is no exception.


Although lemon verbena offers various health-promoting effects, there are still some who are suffering from a mild allergic reaction like mild dermatitis.

Furthermore, people who have a kidney disease should avoid the use of lemon verbena since this plant herb has an active component that can aggravate the disease.

As always, it is crucial to seek a trained health practitioner for consultation before replacing an over-the-counter drug or changing the health regimen and shifting to the use of herbal remedies.