How to Successfully Accomplish the Things You Actually Want to Do

by skytales | July 28, 2019

After graduating college, you may find yourself with a job that pays well and start to plan your life for the next 20 years ahead. You have a good partner and are looking forward to getting married in a few years and living happily ever after. But as the years roll out, you start to feel that the job you have is unrewarding and you start thinking of how you can live your life beyond just sitting at your desk every day. You may find yourself living a very unhealthy lifestyle. You may even think of pursuing a new career. Whatever it is, a lot of middle-aged adults have had a moment of “wanting more” out of life.

While some people look at this as a quarter- or mid-life crisis, your aunt may tell you that it’s just a phase and it’s going to pass.  Your friends and siblings will assure you that you’re doing a great job with your life.

And then suddenly, something occurs, and a convincing excuse just pops out of nowhere which means we don’t do the life-changing, scary and exciting stuff we were about to do. Maybe you updated your LinkedIn profile, or you ate salads at your desk for a couple of weeks, but that’s about as far as it got. How can we jump up and embrace the terrifying decision that will lead us to getting more out of our lives?

Well, honestly, I am not excellent on this. There are tons of things that I would like to do that are still far from being ticked off my bucket list. But, I somehow have an acceptable track record of accomplishing a favorable number of the supposedly improbable, ridiculous things that I had to do, like acquiring a literary agent, becoming self-employed and a few months of international travel.

Listed below are the things that worked for me.


Know that doing begets more doing

I have proven that when you do something positive, it begets another. The moment you have produced your new novel, you are sure that you definitely have the capability to move on your own to Hong Kong. Then once you have arranged a rental in Cantonese, you cannot be discouraged from putting together an international career. Touring to Paris in five-inch heels, learning to speak Hindi and hiking through Nepal, everything suddenly becomes possible for you!


Make it irreversible

When you desire something, and you know, in your heart, that it is a perfect choice, do not give yourself a reason to choose a backup plan. Go big or go home, right? Purchase a non-refundable, one-way ticket, slip your resignation letter beneath the locked door of your boss’ office, place that love letter into that blue impenetrable mailbox. You have placed yourself at fate’s mercy, and you are going to enjoy it!


Write it down, begin mapping your path

We are all aware that in order to make things happen, one of the most imprtant things is having a plan. However, going a little bit further can help you even more, so begin collecting the data that will connect the gap between what is inside and what is outside your head. Organize your end game (the house on the lake, the successful Etsy shop, the M.B.A.) and from there, work backward, splitting your huge, big goal down into minimal steps that are are attached to a dream timeline. If you want to have your own home in 2018, what do you think you need to be doing during the ninth month? What about the sixth month, or the third month? So today, try to create a list of tiny steps, then do one, just one!


Remove distractions

Is there any way to make it easier for yourself? If you want a less connected life, I advise you to cancel your data plan. If you would like to be more active, park your car at a friend’s garage for a month or so and get around using only your bike and your feet. If you are trying to eat healthier, get rid of all the junk foods, and stock your fridge with healthy foods and bring lunch every day to work.


Spend money on it

I am not sure about you, but once I have spent money on a goal, I am a hundred percent sure that I can complete it. Because that’s when I realize it is becoming real. When you’ve already purchased the high-tech running shoes, the dense paint brushes, or that big, expensive book and its sitting in front of you, you will be more motivated to start. You get to see them every day and realize the new fantastic life you are going to have, which encourages you to take further steps to acheive your goal.


Tell everyone you know about it

The research, the footwork, the tiny, exploratory tendrils of progress, you are now finally doing it! And you feel awesome about it. You cannot wait to tell everybody about it. And you definitely should! Anyone who knows about it will be very excited for you, which will raise your spirits. It is also a way to ensure that you don’t back out since everybody will be demanding to know more about it. We can’t deny that shame is the best motivator, so you might want to use in your favor. Ask a very close friend if they would be willing to keep tabs on your progress and ask about your big plan if its’s something that you really want to acheive. It will help you to stay on top of your game if you know that someone else is keeping track of it.



Surround yourself with other doers

According to studies, we spend most of our time with around four people, so why don’t you choose to spend time with some driven, engaging individuals who are also pursuing their plans? You can be each other’s motivator. You can share resources and give each other pep talks whenever you experience problems. All that positive energy is socially infectious.

So, what will you do to bridge the gap between the incredible plans in your head and your everyday life?