Food Combinations Which Are Bad for Your Health

by skytales | July 29, 2019

Have you ever experienced getting an upset stomach after eating a meal that seemed to be as healthy as you think? Well, the culprit is not in the meal but the combination of food.

Early in the morning, you get up from the bed, prepare breakfast of some fruit like milk and banana, and that’s it. But what you do not know is how important food combinations are to the health and well-being of your body. No one would naturally like to eat a bad combination of food knowing the effects of it to one’s digestive system or body.

Here are the some of the food combinations considered to be bad for the health according to hygienists and physiologists.


List of the food combinations that are bad for your health

  1. Eating fruit after the meal

In the absence of something sweet for dessert, many people try to substitute a naturally-sweet food like fruits. Typically, fruits like banana, mango, or pineapple make for added selection at the dining table during meals.

But despite the popular notion that fruits are healthful and must incorporate a good portion of our diet, they are not necessarily ideal as an after-meal food. The reason being is that not all foods digest as easily when they reached the stomach like meat and pasta.

As a result, the food stays longer and could cause the fruit to rot and ferment within your gut. If anything, this is akin to eating rotten or fermented foods albeit not intentionally.

To be fair, however, fruits in general are not really bad as a dessert. But they can be when they are mixed with hard-to-digest foods. As such, eat only your fruit when eating other easy-to-digest foods to offset getting your stomach upset.

  1. Combining starches and protein foods like potatoes and meat, lasagna, egg, and bread

When you combine starchy and protein foods, your body will choose to digest protein and not the starches. While this may appear like out bodies suddenly choosing to be picky with what to digest,  undigested starches could spell toxicity for the body.

Instead of mixing your starch with protein, opt for green, leafy veggies like fresh salads.

  1. A combination of protein and protein foods like eggs, meat, and cheese all together

Eating hard-to-digest foods has its boon for weight loss as it keeps you sate for longer. But as a typical food of this nature includes sources that have little fiber in them, you would be prone to indigestion.

If you hate the idea of suffering constipation, opt for fiber-rich foods like vegetables in addition to protein. This ensures that you are getting the right nutrients to aid your body in its digestive process.

  1. Acidic food and starchy food combination

Acidic foods like tomatoes combined with starchy food such as pasta cause digestive problems like fatigue after eating. Moreover, adding dairy products like cream could worsen the condition.

Instead, it is best to combine starchy foods with alkaline-promoting sources like leafy veggies.

In fact, the ideal body pH level is alkaline, not acidic. People who have alkaline pH level are less likely to develop cancer than those who are acidic. This is because cancer cells do not thrive in an alkaline environment such as what eating a diet rich in fruit and veggies can do.

  1. Acidic foods combined with dairy products such as oatmeal or cereal with milk in it and a combination of fruit or fruit juice



So, you could be used to the idea of drinking fruit juice in addition to your sunny-side up fried egg and think that they are okay. In reality, however, they are not.

When you combine acid with a dairy product, you are causing the body to develop some mucus.

Instead of gulping everything at once, choose to eat the fruit or drink the fruit juice first and after 30 minutes eat your cereal.

  1. Combination of cheese and proteins like beans

This is usually common in Mexican dishes and recipes along with hot spices. But this combination causes gas and bloating especially for those who have a weak stomach.

While having stomach gas is normal, excessive gas formations in the tummy is discomforting to many people. In addition, having to relieve yourself from too much gastric gas is embarrassing, especially in public places.

So, if you are in a gathering and has a weak stomach, stay away with anything that has cheese or beans as food.

  1. Specifically, the combination of bananas and milk

There are plenty of recipes for a smoothie. Most of which incorporate the use of milk for added taste and nutrients.

You could be used to adding milk with your banana smoothie. But this is not necessarily good for you.

According to some claims, mixing banana and milk produces toxins that are potentially harmful for the body. Moreover, consuming a banana-milk smoothie causes heaviness on the head and could mentally slow you down.

It seems, however, that the idea is only true when you used unripe banana in the mixture.

If you are making a banana smoothie with milk, choose the ripe bananas and add nutmeg to your smoothie.

  1. A combination of sour fruits and dairy, such as yogurt

This combination is the most common and most favorite of some health conscious people. But according to some experts, they believe that yogurt and fruit are not a good combination, as it could cause sinus congestion, cold, cough, and allergies due to the possibility of toxin production.

The solution to this temptation is to go for the natural and unflavored yogurt, combined with a natural sweetener such as honey and add raisins instead of sour fruits like sour berries.

Food combination is vital to your body than you think because of the digestive problems it could lead to such as gas, bloating, stomachache, nausea, fatigue, and more. Although everyone has different body sensitivities, it is best to be aware of some of the bad combinations of food to avoid that worsen digestive cases and other body issues like weight gain and cravings.