Fascinating Health Benefits of Cordyceps

by skytales | July 29, 2019

Cordyceps benefits the health of the immune system, the respiratory system, and the cardiovascular system by improving them. It offers various fantastic health benefits which include the ability to boost energy and prevent cancer. Other health benefits of Cordyceps involve delaying the process of aging, increasing oxygenation, and detoxifying the body.

What Is Cordyceps?

The term cordyceps refers to a genus of 400 unique fungi species which are typically parasitic. A lot of ecosystems have fungi as a vital part. However, cordyceps benefits people significantly, as it has been around as a folk herbal remedy for many years. These mushrooms shaped like a “club head” contains a wide array of compounds and chemical components. Cordyceps are also relatively affordable and available worldwide, thus making them beneficial in traditional medicine. It is desirable due to the fact that it is widespread. Some biochemicals found in various Cordyceps fungi naturally mimic today’s pharmacological substances.

Cordyceps are becoming more popular, along with the variety and accessibility of herbal supplements. All over the world, the uses of Cordyceps include as capsules, powders, tinctures, and liquid extracts. However, drying the mushrooms causes them to become a long, orange/brown fingers. There are stores that sell the whole cordyceps. They make such an excellent flavoring when added to soups directly. Brewing a tea out of its powdered and dried form is also possible. Most of its species originated from Asia before it became widespread. Thus, certain regions in Asia usually have it as a component in their traditional medicines.

Cordyceps Benefits and Health Gains

Cordyceps benefits some of the most important systems of the body, as it has the ability to:

1. Rids the Body of Toxins

As to how exactly Cordyceps would contribute to detoxifying the body is still uncertain. However, according to research, regular herbal usage of Cordyceps is able to improve the health of the kidney.

The Academy of Chinese Sciences, Department of Analytical Chemistry did a study about Cordyceps and its detoxifying effect. According to the study, Cordyceps positively affects oxidative stress, the metabolism of choline, protein, and amino acid, and the metabolism of energy.

Cordyceps benefits the heart and the liver as it has positive effects on them. Remember, a healthy liver promotes better utilization of fatty acids and digestion. Therefore, Cordyceps helps to increase triglyceride levels and boosts heart health.

2. Boosts Energy

Cordyceps is a superb energy booster, which is one of its most celebrated benefits for human health. In fact, it is quite popular among the sporty people as it can provide a surge in their energy levels. Thus, cordyceps benefits people in need of an energy boost as it provides them an extra push by enhancing the cellular production of energy and the uptake of oxygen amount in the body.

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine claimed in one of its research published in 2010, using Cs-4 (Cordyceps Sinensis) as a supplement contributed to overall wellness markers and improved exercise performance in older adults.

3. Cures Sexual Dysfunction

Interestingly, Cordyceps benefits men who suffer from sexual dysfunction. According to a lot of research, Cordyceps benefits men who suffer from poor sexual drive or libido, or low sexual energy levels. These men noticed improvement after having their diet incorporated with the herbal supplements of Cordyceps.

4. Prevents Heart Complications

There has been a study that revealed a lot of interesting results regarding how cordyceps affects the cardiovascular system. The findings reveal that patients who supplemented with the powdered Cordyceps have a lesser chance of suffering from a cardiac arrest. Cordyceps contains antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it can protect against heart complications like arrhythmias, etc.

5. Fights Aging

There are a lot of people claiming that they know how to fight aging. However, most reliable studies about anti-aging cite the use of Cordyceps. Cordyceps benefits the skin as it contains concentrations of potent anti-aging chemical components that are capable of rejuvenating the skin. These powerful compounds also prevent aging by eliminating dying or dead cells and lessening the visibility of age spots, blemishes, and wrinkles.

6. Promotes Balanced Cholesterol Levels

Along the same lines, cordyceps affects a certain chemical pathway which closely relates to cholesterol levels. It helps elevate the levels of “good” cholesterol and lower the levels of “bad” cholesterol. In other words, cordyceps benefits the endocrine system and the metabolic activities in the body. It does not only protect the heart but also various organs affected by cholesterol. Doing herbal treatments every week with cordyceps as a part of it can help in preventing stroke, atherosclerosis, and heart attack.

7. Fortifies Immune System

Stimulating the production of Natural Killer (NK) cells is another health benefit to gain from Cordyceps. By the way, NK cells offer immunoprotective effects against illness and infection. These major outside defense system help in dealing with various ailments and conditions, from the common cold to cancer and everything in between.

8. Prevents Cancer

Many years have passed, and people are still in search of the cure for cancer. Fortunately, cordyceps contains some of the distinct biochemical components that may be capable of fighting cancer. The reduction of the size of the tumor has something to do with the consumption of caterpillar fungus. Thus, Cordyceps Sinensis can help in slowing cancer cell proliferation. It also eases the remission or elimination of cancer. Cordyceps also has antioxidant properties which make its cancer-fighting abilities even stronger by helping in eliminating free radicals in the body.

9. Improves Respiratory Health

Cordyceps increases the amount of oxygen that the lungs receive. Such ability is not only beneficial for sporty people, but also for those who suffer from chronic bronchitis or asthma and other respiratory conditions. Cordyceps benefits the respiratory system by increasing oxygen intake to prevent its weakening and distress. Not to mention, an increase of the levels of oxygen also helps in oxygenating the extremities of the body more. As a result, the organ systems are more efficient in terms of the overall functioning.


The use of Cordyceps can be a problem for people who are suffering from diabetes as it can slightly lower the levels of blood sugar. Thus, the need for diabetes patients to know about the risks of using Cordyceps is extremely important before incorporating it into their diet plan.